Are you thinking about moving around Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, you have been preparing for that moving that will be the big change on your life. Every at home is excited and longing but looking forward to have everything ready when the date comes up to move. You already notified to the power, water and gas¬†company, everything about it is set up. But you have forget about Valentine’s Day.

Here, in Rizco Mover, we give to you some ideas to have a great gesture of love for that special person and the ones on your family:

  • As everything is almost packed you don’t to much left to use so put two or more boxes together, as a table, grab a rug and put it over the boxes, arrange your favorite delivered food, buy some flowers and with a little imagination you will have the most romantic dinner ever.
  • Organize some of the boxes as a labyrinth on the end of it put a little present for your love so that way¬†her/him will be excited looking what did you have for her/him.
  • Children at home??? Well, grab some tape, scissors,markets and boxes and spend the day making crafts fulling of love with Valentine’s designs.

We hope this ideas get you into the best Valentine’s Day with the expectation and happiness for the new place. You can share your ideas about to have a good Valentine’s Day with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Rizco Mover, makes the difference on your local or long distance moving, you can count on us when you needs it. We make your holidays and regular days while moving, the best experience without worries, so you can celebrate or spend the day as you deserved it. FOR EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO MOVE , Rizco Mover is here.