Moving with pets recommendations

Pet Transportation is a major part of the family moving from one place to another. We know that your pet comfort and safety is your great concern. That is why we suggest some important steps that you should follow before moving your pet. Here some pets recommendations

Plan your pet moving ahead.

Planning everything ahead will make your pet’s move less stressful for both you and the pet itself. Pack over everything couple days before you move your pet and try to maintain your pet’s routine.

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Invest in a top quality pet carrier or moving company.

Read some moving reviews before you choose a moving company. Investing in a high-quality moving company will guarantee high comfort for your cat, dog or other pet. Get a carrier ahead and gradually accustom your pet to spending some time in it. The moving process would be less stressful for your pet.

Buy a new ID tag for your pet.

As soon you know your new address, purchase a new ID tag for your pet that includes your telephone number and your pet new address. Even your pet got lost, the chances of finding it are much greater. You have to finish the whole paperwork concerning your pet accurately.

Keep your pet on a safe distance from the movers.

On the moving day, place your pet in a safe and quiet location such as the bathroom. This way you will protect your pet from getting  stressed by seeing the professional movers. Putting a note on the door where your pet is located is a good idea. This is how the movers will know not to open that door.

Ask your moving company is the moving carrier well ventilated.

This is a crucial part of the moving process. Neither a cat nor a dog is comfortable traveling in a small carrier where the temperature raises quickly. Ask your moving company is the moving carrier well ventilated.

Get your pet to a veterinarian.

It might be a good a idea to ask your veterinarian about some medications that might reduce the stress of the travel. Consult your veterinarian prior move. He or she might give you a helpful advice.

Prepare your new home for your pet.

Remember that your pet will need food, water, medications, litter box, etc. from day one. So we encourage you to take care of everything your pet need ahead. This way you will reduce the additional stress on your pet.

Moving with a pet requires more time. You should take care for your pet, providing it the best services you can.