Unpopular Packing Tips & Tricks For Moving

Packing could be a challenge if you don’t pay enough attention to it. But it is usually a very time-consuming job so it is inevitable that a large part of your focus during a relocation goes there. So, there are the traditional packing tips you could find all over the internet with advice like labeling well boxes, not overfilling them, etc., and they are valuable indeed. Here we’d like to give you some easy packing tricks that are not so traditional and not so popular, but quite useful when moving.

Roll your clothes to pack them better instead of folding them.

It actually saves space and thus you will be able to get more things within the same space and save on boxes and other packing materials. The other packing rules stay, thought: use larger boxes for lighter items and smaller boxes for heavier items.

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Pack things that you will need until your boxes have arrived but consider the specifics.

Have in mind the circumstances – what is the weather going to be like when you arrive so you can prepare proper clothing. Check the weather forecast a couple of days before you take off. Also, think about specific items you will need particularly during this period of time. Perhaps your kid has a birthday? Then you may decide to prepare a present in advance and take it with you on the trip. May be there are specific medicines you are to take in that time? Again, in the same box. Just imagine you have already arrived. What will you need?

Use the tricks in our article to pack your travel bags, too!

Clothes that are close to being thrown away could be packed with you and used up until the clothes in your boxes arrive. Then just ditch them. No packing and arranging.
Take photos of each box you have packed after it is labeled. One picture per box. Instead of making lists with boxes, just photograph them to keep easy track. That way when the movers pop in with your stuff you will be able to tell immediately if they’ve missed something. Unfortunately, we’re all human so it can happen even to the best of the best, despite them being so professional and all.
Photograph your travel bags. In case any of them gets lost (no one wants it, but being prepared will save you effort later on), you will be asked to fill in a form describing your bag, and if you have a photo of it, things become much easier then.

Use socks to pack more socks.

Thus they take less space inside your moving luggage.
Pay attention to how you pack your travel bags, too. Take all valuables with you like money, credit cards, documents, laptop. Put ear buds in empty and clean medicine containers. You don’t want to put in your ear something that’s been up and down your luggage, rolling freely and collecting all sorts of bacteria, right?

Do you have any special items you want to take with you on the move? Then you will need strong boxes to protect them!


One of the rare packing tricks for moving is prioritizing the things you pack – put at the bottom items you will need just in case like a jacket or sweater, and on top – things you will need immediately like another set of clothes, underwear, a towel, and toiletries. When you place them above everything else in the travel luggage or open-first box, you won’t have to dig in through other unnecessary right now stuff to get to them and this will save you time.
Want to save money from your move? Use your own towels, blankets and sheets for packing things inside the truck. Just consider that you will have to wash them, afterwards. Or use rags you will throw away after the move anyway. Wrap breakable items in the towels that you have to save even more from packing materials.

Fill in the blanks.

If there are empty spaces in your boxes, like when you’ve packed a vase, for example, you can use some clothing to put around the item – it will protect it, acting like styrofoam, and you will have packed some of your t-shirts at the same time. Small, fluffy toys will also do the trick if you have any for packing.