What not to pack when moving

There are some items that moving companies will not move if they are not properly secured. Even if you are moving by your self you should take some time to pack those items carefully, because they require special packing and handling. Contact your moving company to provide you with the whole specific information you need, before you begin packing.

Here is a list of dangerous items you should be very cautious with:

Dangerous Items

Fertilizer, Paints, Car Batteries, Matches, Nail Polish & Remover, Batteries, Loaded Weapons, Weed Killer, Ammonia, Lamp Oil, Propane, Ammunition, Liquid Bleach, Aerosols, Kerosene, Pool Chemicals, Chemistry Sets, Fireworks, Motor Oil, Paint Thinner, Cleaning Fluid, Acid, Darkroom, Pesticides, Motor Oil, Gasoline, Charcoal, Lighter Fluid.

All these items require special equipment to pack, you cannot just pack them in boxes and wait the movers to take them to your new home. We suggest asking your moving company to provide the needed equipment or just let them to handle with your items. It’s also illegal moving companies to transport those items if they are not properly packed. If you cannot pack them, then just give them away or call a recycling company.

Perishable Items

Many moving companies refuse to accept any kind of perishable items. This includes Plants, food and animals. But if your move is local and you pack your items properly then your moving company may make an exception. You should contact them and make an agreement.

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